At HOPE our team of dedicated Behavioral Health specialists work with children families to accomplish their healthy lifestyle goals through sessions that are focused on real-life issues in real time. Individual sessions are conducted to ensure that there is a client-centered treatment plan that addresses specific obstacles for each client and family. Majority of the services provided are in a group setting to allow children and families to understand that this is not just a YOU problem. Our holistic approach is what we are most proud of. Parents are excited & engaged in their group sessions as well as the children. This is a support system for all families in the program.

Being mentally ready to make the changes is the first and most important step. Understanding the impact childhood obesity can have on a child is heartbreaking, then obesity as an adult is inevitable as well as the conditions associated with it.  If you allow HOPE to help you reach that understanding success will be closer than you ever imagined. Not just for the child but for the entire family. 

We know that our weight is a result of the food we eat and the lack of physical activity. So why do we choose to eat the food we eat or skip physical activity as a part of our day? That is where our mental health comes in to play. Our behaviors such as eating or working out are the result of what we think and feel. The importance of being able to identify and understand those thoughts or feelings serves an equal part in the treatment of childhood obesity. At Hope we make it our job that we not only work with the children but the family unit as well. 

Group sessions for parent and children alike include topics such as: 

  • Self-esteem 

  • Coping Skills

  • Body Image 

  • And more… 

Childhood obesity is NOT an issue we take lightly. The entire HOPE team is committed to assisting every client and family to fight and win against obesity.

Client Eligibility:

Our eligibility is simple
  • 3-19 years old
  • Weigh less than 450lbs
  • BMI range of Overweight (24.9-29.9), Obese (30-39.9), Morbidly Obese (40-49.9)
  • Diagnosed with metabolic syndrome (high cholesterol, pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.)Diagnosed with metabolic syndrome (high cholesterol, pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.)
  • Ability to perform exercise in a group setting
  • Understand basic fitness instructions
  • Must have a Support Parent willing to stay at the center the entire time and participate in Parent groups

Certificate of Medical Necessity

This Certificate of Medical Necessity form must be completed in full and presented to HOPE in order to participate in the program.